Monday, September 11, 2006

Wild in South Dakota

Don't get the wrong impression. I wasn't wild in a bad way. The way media portrays "wild". No, I was in the wild west, enjoying the wild beauy and entertaining wild ideas about finding some handsome cowboy who owned a ranch, "gettin' hitched", and moving to SD where I could ride my horse (I would have one there) over our acres and acres of grassland. And then I would go home at night and cook up the best burgers in the state, fresh from our own cattle. Mmmm. Sounds romantically wonderful, doesn't it? Unfotunatly, I didn't meet any available handsome young cowboys who were looking for a wife. So, that put the cabosh on that plan. Maybe someday...

I did meet a handsome bison though! See that picture? He was dead though. Pleasant thought, huh? And then I went to Mt. Rushmore and saw those four presidents in all their rocky glory. Pretty impressive, I'd say. How about those people standing in front. What a nice looking family! Especially that girl right there to the left, in the back. She looks real nice. I wonder who she is? We also saw the Minuteman missle site from the Cold War. And missle silos too! Just one of those missles had 60% of WWII firepower in the warhead. Amazing. I'm really glad they never launched those things... I might not be here otherwise. There was a painting on the door to the underground capsule that the missleers sat in: it had a painting of a Dominos pizza box, and said "Delivery in 30 minutes or less or the next one is free". On the pizza box was painted a missle, and instead of Domino's, it said Minuteman II. I also saw wild bison (buffalo), burros, and pronghorn deer. Plenty of sights to see.

Now we're back home, back to the "suburban life". Suburban life isn't all that bad. Once I was back, I realized all the things I would miss if I went to live in SD with a handsome cowboy husband; my family, my friends, my church, my job, Kline Creek Farm, JoAnn Fabrics, the ability to run to the store and be back home in 20 minutes, access to the big city, and oh, gas stations on every corner! Yeah, I forgot that part. We ran out of gas on our way to South Dakota, on some long, lonely and isolated country road. Thirteen miles from the nearest town. Hmm, not good. Thankfully, God must've caused a ranch hand to get hungry and decide to go into town for lunch. He saw us on the road, turned around after acertaining our predicament and went back to his house to get a couple gallons of gas for us. Now that was an adventure!

Now it's time for Lizzie's picks of the post!
Good Books: There are several I finished recently that I really liked; A Bride Most Begrudging and The Measure of a Lady, both by Deeanne Gist. An Old Fashioned Girl by Louisa May Alcott is very enjoyable as well.
Good Music: Again, several. I just can't make up my mind! Leeland has a pretty cool CD called the Sound of Melodies, and "Another Journal Entry" by BarlowGirl is quite energizing. I'm still stuck on country too; once again, "Loney Runs Both Ways" from Alison Kraus.
Good Movies: What was the last movie I saw? Oh yes, "the Secret Garden". Quite intriguing. I've also recently veiwed "Take the Lead". Watching that made me want to take some dancing lessons (albeit more conservative dancing than what was shown on the movie. That was a little risque in places).

A new feature: Lizzie's quote of the post. Today it's taken from Pride & Prejudice.

"You must all go to Brighton, for that is the place to get husbands!" -Lydia Bennett

So that about does it for this post. Until next time...