Sunday, April 23, 2006

Go Sanctus Go!

Last night was so cool! I went to my sixth Sanctus Real concert (I never get tired of seeing my most favorite band ever!) with Dan, Jon, Josh, Aubrie, Ryan and Randy. And look! This time I actually had my camera with me, so I got a picture with Matt, the lead singer! Too bad Josh doesn't look more happy! When I see them for the seventh time, I'll have to get a picture with all of them. Yeah, if you can't tell, I love Sanctus Real.

I don't really remember what I was originally going to write about, because Lour called me and told me a story that distracted me. Actually, it floored me. But I'll leave that out and just go on about the concert. Mainstay, the Afters, and, of course, Sanctus Real were there. It was at Olivet Nazerine University. We were all packed in the mini van on the way there and back, and Dan got a warning from a police officer who let him off easy.

Dad's recovering good, but sometimes I get scared. It helps to have loving friends and family around to support you during times like these, feeling God's arms wrap around you to comfort and strengthen you. It brings to mind the lines of a song that really hit home to me: I'm not alright, I'm broken inside, and all I go through leads me to you (God).

Praise God that I have him to cling to through thick and thin.

Lizzie's cd of the week: a tie between Kutless' new album, Hearts of the Innocent and Sanctus Real's Face of Love, third week and counting.
Lizzie's movie of the week: the African Queen

Catch you later!

Friday, April 14, 2006

The Prodigal Gecko has Returned!

After three and a half months, the prodigal gecko has returned. That's right! I speak of Stitch! I was at work last Friday, and Josh calls me to say he found Stitch, alive! I was shocked! I signed him off as dead three weeks after he ran away! Sunday morning Dan was able to catch him, and I now have my little gecko back! I had to go out to buy him the fattened cricket (and another light! I put all his old stuff to use on Algy's home!) Stitch has adjusted well to his new home after a long absence.

Dad has gone back to the hospital and had more surgery. It has been up to me to keep my brothers fed and all that good stuff. I also have to watch the dog (almost a full time job!) I'm not sure exactly what happened, but I do know that while I was at JoAnn's this evening getting white thread, Sadie fell or jumped out of the boys second floor bedroom window. What they were doing with the screen up, I don't know. Miraculously, Sadie wasn't hurt! And that's saying a lot since all she had to land on was a hard concrete porch! It must have looked funny though if there had been any passersby: a little black dog falling out of the sky! Poor Sadie.

I did see Mr. Bennett today (aka Dad) and he looked pretty good. I walked with him four times around the floor where his room is. In usual custom, one of the boys accidentally elbowed him in the stomach, that's got to hurt! He had a very nice CNA there, and I thought of Lady Fair. She might make a great CNA on a cancer floor because she's so kind and compassionate.

Well, housekeeping is wearing me out, and it's late. I'm going to bed. But first, my music and movie picks of the week:
Lizzie's music of the week: still the Face of Love by Sanctus Real
Lizzie's movie of the week: so far the BBC production of Wives and Daughters (I'm only halfway through, but it's good, at least, the boys and I like it!)

Happy Easter to everyone, celebrate that Jesus Christ died for our sins, and then he conquered death and rose again!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Guess what I'm listening to right this very minute?! Only the long awaited, much-expected, can't be bad, new cd from Sanctus Real, The Face of Love! Oh, is it every spectacular! I advise everyone to get their hands on a copy, but you can't borrow mine, I'm listening to it. I have been really excited about this, (in case you can't tell!). And in a couple of weeks, I'll be seeing Sanctus Real in person... for the sixth time I think. Hooray! By the way, did I tell you that this cd totally rocks?
This weekend I'll be enjoying movies and music and that's about it, since I'm having my wisdom teeth pulled out on Friday. Ouch! But on the lighter side, I'll never have to get my wisdom teeth pulled out again in my life because they'll all be gone, and maybe my headaches will go away too! Bonus.
I also have a new fish. Lord Goring died. Very sad. So last weekend I bought Bo. He's a buggy-eyed black little goldfish and he's very cute. I figured that I'd had bad luck with betas, so I should try something different. I hope this little guy lives a long time. Sorry that his name isn't refined and dignified like Mr. Darcy's and Lord Goring's were, but I was feeling in a southern mood, and Bo was the name for him.
Speaking of Southern, I got to see the missions trip DVD last week in chapel. It was great! Cheers to Alan for doing such a remarkable job! Shockingly, I got in the video a lot, and I was even mentioned as a person who surprised Mark the most! (I wanted to melt into my chair because everyone looked at me and all of design was sitting directly behind me!). I got to reunite with my cronies from the trip, and after watching the video, I felt like I had just gotten back from my trip. John told me that I got a lot of "shout out time" (as he put it) on the video, and I agreed, although I confessed that I had no idea why, I didn't think I said anything THAT remarkable in my interview! I should've told John that he had quite a lot of air time as well, he was in almost every frame! Team #1 definitely got more time overall, because we had the videographer on our team, and he knew what kind of shots he wanted to get. Anyway, I get my copy either Friday (depending on how I feel) or Monday, so if you want to see it, let me know and I'll spread the love.
Well, the food downstairs is smelling mighty good to a hungry soul like me, so I think I'll go indulge in some taste-bud excitement. Oh! I forgot to say, I was designing and creating a presentation folder for some girl who won American Idol, a Carrie Underwood (sounds like a hobbit name to me), but if she can get a chance to write a book, maybe Sanctus Real can! Oh boy, if that ever happens, I'll be drooling to make the presentation package!
Signing out...

Oh, I almost forgot!
Lizzie's cd of the week: The Face of Love by Sanctus Real
Lizzie's movie of the week: BBC's version of Jane Eyre, but don't watch it unless you've got 300 spare minutes.