Wednesday, March 28, 2007

A Job for a Month

If someone came up to me and said "You have one month to do any job you want. What do you pick?"

A Demolition Worker! It would be so cool to operate one of those big CAT things with the claw and pull down old buildings and just watch stuff crumble! I would just sit in my CAT thing, and use those little knobby-thingys to control the claw, and make it smash through walls and pull all kinds of stuff down. That would be a sweet job for a month.

I've recently thought that would be a fun job to have for a month, although ultimately, I like where I'm at now. I think I caught the demolition-bug last Faebruary when I went on the missions trip with Tyndale to Biloxi. Ever since then I've been interested in demolition. But I'd only like to do it full-time for a month I think. Demoltion in the dead of winter and the heat of summer must not be too fun. Maybe spring and fall demolition? Or maybe I should just stay at Tyndale. It's good year-round.

Lizzie's Favorites of the Post:
Lizzie's Favorite Music: the song "Let Go" by BarlowGirl, and the "Comatose" CD by Skillet.
Lizzie's Favorite Book: This week, it's one I've never read. But, my name is one the copyright page, and I helped design it, so my pick of the post is "Happily Ever After" by Susan May Warren.
Lizzie's Favorite Movie: Haven't watched one, but I was talking about "Wives and Daughters" yesterday with Elaine...
Lizzie's Favorite Hobby: Sewing.

Lizzie's Quote of the Post:
"I love those moments. I like to wave at them as they pass by..."
—Captain Jack Sparrow

Friday, March 23, 2007

The Designer in Me

The designer in me says that this is way cool! (Not the beer, the coaster!) Check it out! A conglomeration of stretched and distorted type reflects perfectly on the glass to say "Good things come to those who wait." Neat-O! I wish I was the genius who thought up that! It's just way too cool. Maybe, someday when I get married and I'm planning my cool wedding stuff (I'd better watch out, all the "cool design stuff" I see somehow gets incorperated into being a part of my someday maybe wedding!), I'll make coasters that can reflect messages into fake glass glasses. There will have to be a dark liquid in the glass though, or my saying won't show up... How about Dr. Pepper! Perfect. Now about the phrase... How about "Good things come to those who wait!" Wait, I think Guiness might have that copyrighted. Take 2, how about "...and they lived happily ever after, the end." Yeah, that could work. Sweetness!

Alright, I don't have too much to say, other than my Mr. Motorcycle is now in the garage! I've changed that poor bike's name more often that I can count. First Figment, then Donald Duck, now Mr. Motorcycle seems to fit. It works well with Mr. Grand Prix, the name of my car. (We're on personal terms though, so I usually call him just Grand.) And we can't forget Geefe the Apple G5 (my computer), or iPPi iPPi the iPod (self-explanatory I think. My iPod has the same first name and last name. Kind of like Robert Robertson, or Lars Larson, or Peter Peterson, or James Jameson, or William Williams... you get the picture.) So am I sick or what? Naming all my stuff? I've heard that such behavior is more prevelant amoung women than men. Oh, and to honor the fallen, we must not forget my good 'ole trusty Bonnie the Bonneville. Just for kicks and giggles, I'd be interested in seeing comments about anything my loyal readers might have that is inanimate, and yet bears a name. If you have something with a name, what is it? (thing and name). I hope my sewing machine doesn't feel left out! It is my other important electric maechanism, and it is nameless! How awful! Any suggestions? Maybe Bernie the Bernina, or Bernice the Bernina? (My sewing machine is a girl, whereas all the other stuff with the exception of Bonnie the Bonnevile are not).

You know what? I want a baby! Amber brought her sweet little Ashleigh and adorable Payton to work for a visit today. It made me want a little baby! I guess I'll have to wait on that though. Payton was so cute; if you ask him what Lightning McQueen says, Payton replies "ka-chow!' I love it! Ka-Chow!

In one week, I'm going to be rich! I just put my first ever two things up for auction on e-Bay. Next Friday, the bids will be up and I will be mailing off (hopefully) my first 1770s dress (not the brand-spankin' new elegant and exquisite one), and two itty-bitty little motorcycle/atv tire tubes. If you want any of those things, you'd better go bid fast! I should have said that they were touched by a relative of someone famous (me, being that I'm related to an astronaut!) and then they would've sold for a truckload of sweet moolah! $$$$$$$$$$$ Yeah right. Who am I kidding?

Okay, it's 11:30 pm now, so I'd better move on to my favorites of the post. Here they are, I know you (my loyal readers) have been waiting with baited breath:

Lizzie's Favorites of the Post:
Lizzie's Favorite Music: David Crowder Band's "A Collision (or 3+4=7)" album. All I can say is "I am yours forever and ever and ever and ever," etc.
Lizzie's Favorite Movie: "Finding Neverland." I actually broke down and re-bought it. If you have the lost one in your possesion, just give it to Dan, I've got a new one. That movie is good, but so melancholy at parts!
Lizzie's Favorite Book: I finished "A Severe Mercy!" Holy smokes, that Sheldon Vanda-whatever-his-name-was was a really romantical guy! I think he was a little over the edge. I mean, come on, no kids because they might come between him and his wife? What's with that? In the end he came around though. I do credit him for that.
Lizzie's Favorite Hobby: Hmmm, playing Call of Duty, working on Mr. Motorcycle, sewing cute little baby dresses, and crocheting. Oh! And don't forget shopping at JoAnn's for a new pattern and fabric for a dress! Um, I think I have my fingers dipped into too many pots. Oh well, you only live once, right?

Lizzie's Quote of the Post:
"Peter's crow eats a lot. Yesterday it ate 12 worms, a bunch of bugs, a slice of bread and water. I don't know who's going to feed it next week, but it won't be me!"
-an excerpt from a letter that Mrs. Taylor read in chapel last week.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Dreams Accomplished

This blog will be about two dreams accomplished: My motorcycle is painted AND I got to drive a Corvette ( a childhood dream). First, I painted the motorcycle parts. That started out bad. Just like last week. Spray paint on, see how pretty it is, watch in horror as paint starts to run. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thankfully, my very smart Dad rushed them upstairs and used Mom's hairdryer to dry the paint, then he quickly sanded the stuff off, and we painted in light, light coats of blue. Lots of light coats. So we finished that, and I breathed a huge sigh of relief. (I think Dad did too.) Problem was, I think I could've gotten high off paint fumes from the big inhale and following sigh of relief. So then I admired the pieces on the counter. Then I went to a reception for a wedding that happened a week ago, and then afterwards I went with some other friends to play Call of Duty ( and Lady Fair is VERY mean to me when we play Call of Duty, and she shoots me and says she's going to "splatter my brains." Real nice. Some busom friend, I was always nice to her...) So anyway, when I came home at 1:00 am this morning, I saw that my motorcycle parts weren't on the counter anymore, and I knew right away: Dad put them on the motorcycle! So I ran down the stairs, and lo an behold! the picture you see here is what greeted me. Ka...Chow. There's a engine-shaped hole, but once we fill that, there will be the rumble of an engine roaring to life in my garage. This week will be the exodus from the basement to the garage.

Now, about dream number two: I got to drive a Corvette! Do you actually know how long I have thought that I would only get to do that in my dreams? (Well, granted, last night I dreamt that I was driving a Lamboghini, but hey, we can dream, right? I blame car show.) Well, today, that dream became reality. Rob trusted me enough to let me drive his Corvette. I'm not sure I would let anybody else drive my regular old Grand Prix. But anyway, I got to drive it. It was only in circles around the church parking lot though, but still! Man, the power behind that engine was a thrill. So, this was my first time outside of the motorcycle driving a manual transmission, and that was interesting to learn. Let's just say I'm not fluid at it yet. But I was able to get is shifted fair enough and started up in a fair sort of style by the time my lesson was complete. I think I must've inherited some of my dad's racing blood, because I got way too much fun out of turning that car into ovals and figure eights in 3rd of 4th gears. Vroom vroom.

So aside from some video-gaming and shopping at Meijer and church, that was my weekend.

Lizzie's Favorites of the Post:
Lizzie's Favorite Music: BarlowGirl's CD, "Another Journal Entry"
Lizzie's Favorite Movie: Casino Royale with a bunch of exceptions: the carousing with every available and unavailable women, the torture scene where I felt it was necessary for me as a proper lady to leave, and the part in the museum where he's looking for the bad guy in gasp! Body Worlds! Scary!
Lizzie's Favorite Book: Still haven't finished one, but "Severe Mercy" is good.
Lizzie's Favorite Hobby: Wiring my motorcycle so it lights up, learning to drive a Corvette, NOT painting motorcycle parts again, and crocheting.

Lizzie's Quote of the Post:
Only four more minutes until the weekend! Wait, three, but I'm not counting...

Monday, March 12, 2007

Stop Suffocating!

Okay, for all you people who said they were "suffocating" from waiting with baited breath for my next post; I just want to let you know that it said "coming soon" not "coming now." I guess that's what happens in this instant gratification society that we live in. (Ugh! Gosh computer! You're being SO slow! I clicked on this website 5 seconds ago and it's not loaded yet! It's like molasses!*)

*I'm guilty of saying this. I must be a product of the instant gratification society that we live in.

So anyway, I'm posting now. As you can see from my photos, I've been very industrious lately. The thing that I've been working on the longest is what I'll tackle first: Motorcycle! That's my new imperfect paint job that you see shining so briliantly on the screen. Sad news is, if you look real close on the photo, not so close in real life, you can see the hugest run of clear coat. Nooooooooooooooo! But wait, there's more: The blue paint reacted badly with my primer on the taillight mount, and side panels. It melted the primer and it all dripped down to look like rain on a dirty window! Plus, I got a small run on my headlight bucket, but out of all the pieces, it looks the best. So we (Dad and I) have to sand off the runs, re-clear-coat those pieces, and sand down the primer puddle ones and paint them with white first (as we did on the two pieces that didn't run), and then I have to go buy more blue paint (since we wasted a lot on those crummy parts), paint blue on, and then clear coat it all and hope we get no more runs. Phooey. But the paint DOES look really cool! I'm going to put black pin-striping on the lines between the blue and white. Sweet! And, I got signed up for Motorcycle Safety Training classes, and I've started to practice driving around the block (illegally, I don't have a permit, but I do have another person riding next to me) to get a head start on the class. I already read the whole textbook for the class too. It helps to have one lying around the house from previous biker parent's class. May 18-20 are the special dates! Wo-Hoo!

Now, as you can also see from my photos, I've been hard at work on the sewing machine (and the needle and thread) making this revolutionary war era dress. Isn't it splendid? I haven't hemmed up the bottom of the underskirt yet, but it's pretty close to being done. Now, what can I wear it to? Hmmm...

And today, Amber's baby decided that it wanted to come into the world. How exciting! But I've been sitting on tenterhooks all day, waiting to hear if she had her baby, if it's a boy or a girl, and how cute it is! I guess I'll have to wait until tomorrow. Babies are so cute! I'm going to make a little baby outfit as soon as I find out if it needs to be a dress or a little pair of pants with a shirt. Vital information there.

Well, I need to check on my laundry, so quickly, here are Lizzie's Favorites:
Lizzie's Favorite Music: NOT the cricket chirping all by his lonesome in my brother's room. Can we let the tarantula out to go find it and kill it? I's so annoying at 1:00 am. My real favorite music are some Johnny Cash songs like "Ring of Fire," and "Get Rhythm". Also, Sanctus Real's "Fight the Tide" album. It feels so springly.
Lizzie's Favorite Book: I haven't finished one in a sad while :(
Lizzie's Favorite Movie: Space Balls - The Movie "Fooled you!" -Dark Helmet
Lizzie's Favorite Hobby: Besides sewing dresses and painting motorcycles? Playing Call of Duty!

Quote of the Post:
Raspberry? I hate raspberry! Only one person would dare give me raspberry; Lone Star!
-Dark Helmet again