Sunday, January 29, 2006

Algernon the Gecko

Say Hi to Algie! Isn't he cute? This is my adorable little leopard gecko who I got for my birthday from my brothers. Aren't they nice? Algie is a very curious little gecko, and he can consume a large volume of crickets in a single day. Stinks to be them!
This will be a very short blog post, since I have other stuff to do tonight, then again, maybe it won't. I just fixed my own internet problem, that's why I'm able to write this, and I feel a bit like a nerd. But hey! I'm a self-sufficient nerd.
I will address several topics in this post.
Topic #1
Beware when getting a tetanus shot! I got one last week, and it gave me a minor case of lock jaw. Aats aye I an't alk ight anyore. Aye outh on't ove an I an't ose it! Yeah, I had to stay home from work and everything. Hello fever and sore muscle! Man, what a horrible case of tetanus I would've had if I never got the shot! Thanks God for vaccinations.
Topic #2
Don't run towards doors with glass when you arm is outstretched. Lizzie's brother did that at church and he's paying the price. It cost him 24 stitches and a ride in an ambulance. And I got to go too because I was the present guardian. Sweet. Too bad they didn't go fast, run red lights, and flash their lights. I didn't get all woozy either when I came in the bathroom and saw blood everywhere. The biggest concern on my brother's mind was that we wouldn't be able to get ice cream that night. No, I guess not.
Topic #3
I got interviewed for the Tyndale Tydings! A life-long dream come true! I hope Mr. P reads it and pays special attention to this question and answer: TT: Who has influenced your life the most, and how? LB: My parents, without a doubt. Throughout my life they have been there for me, loving me and teaching me how to walk with God. It is my goal to be like them, ESPECIALLY IF I SHOULD ONE DAY HAVE A FAMILY OF MY OWN. (Emphasis added). Maybe he'll keep his copy of that Tydings forever, like I've kept his!
Topic #4
I don't think I have a topic #4, except this: I watched the six-hour long Pride and Prejudice while I was laid up with fever and sore muscles, it gets better and better every time I watch it. If you haven't seen it, why are you reading a Pride and Prejudice based blog? I did put that down as my favorite book other than the Bible, and as my favorite movie (both versions) along with the good old Lord of the Rings trilogy in the Tydings interview. In all reality, if you haven't seen it, I can hook you up. Just leave me a comment and I'll see how I can help you out. MawMaw and PawPaw, you might have to wait till I come visiting next, but then I don't know if you'd want to spend six hours watching one of the best movie of all time. (It's much more interesting to me than Mars though PawPaw, please don't take offense!)
That's all for now, signing off, I need to go feed those poor hapless crickets to my vicious little gecko!

Friday, January 13, 2006

A Wonderful-Good Day!

If I ever started a previous blog article with "best day ever", please disregard it.

It's The Best Day Ever! Whoever said Friday the 13ths were bad and unfortunate was most assuredly mistaken! They are the best! I shall never ever say the are bad, and if anyone disrepects Friday the 13ths, I will tell them that they are silly. They are most wonderful! You see, if you're patient and wait on God through thick and thin, He'll come through. God has never let me down yet, and I don't believe He ever means to drop the ball on me. I will relate to my avid readers what happened today. (Please note: I'm still 22, so something extraordinary has happened!)

First things first. Yesterday was GroupWise Training for the Mac, and I was signed up to go to the one right after chapel. Providentially, Mr. P came and sat in the row behind me, and he sat right behind me too! He never sits with Design. He's always with his marketing cronies. Anyway, Barry asked him if he had heard about the classes, and Mr. P said no. So Barry told him to come to the class right after chapel. I almost flew out of my chair! That was my class! After chapel, I made my way up to the training room. The whole front row was taken, so I took my usual spot in the back row, the left most seat of the three computers. Then in came Stephen followed by Mr. P! Much to my chagrin, Stephen took the chair right next to me, but that's okay, Mr. P had to take the last seat, which only one away from me. The class lasted almost three hours. Three hours in the company of Mr. P! At one point I had a question, and the instructor didn't know the answer, but Mr. P leaned over, and said my name *sigh* and told me the shortcut he had devised to get around that problem. I most gratefully told him thank you (more so for saying my name than anything) And he was looking straight in my eyes! *sigh* Amber was in that class, and we were shooting e-mails back and forth to eachother about it, and her other little secret. By the way, congradulations Amber!

Today, I brought cookies in because my birthday is tomorrow. I set them up in my cube, and sent out an e-mail to Design and Mr. P, and invited them to my cube to taste my delectible cookies. I was all alone in the big design room (everyone else had gone to the GroupWise training today) and I sent Al a job related e-mail. Then, in a spurt of boldness, I tacked on this last little line: "By the way, does Mr. P have a girlfriend? I was just curious" (I used his real name though, Al would be clueless as to who "Mr. P" was) I shut my eyes, and hit the "send" button. Eeeek! I did it! I was both excited and nervous to get Al's reply back. So I called Ma to tell her what I did. I talked to her for a little while, and then I hung up. I got out of my chair to put something away, and who was waiting a little ways away from my cube?... Mr. P! He said he had come for a cookie, I said "sure, go right ahead!" And he took one, and held it, and I quickly remembered something that Ma had wanted to know from someone who does "journalistic" things, and Mr. P was just the person to ask. So I did. My legs were like Jell-O and I had to "casually" lean against my desk so that I wouldn't fall in a heap at his feet. I didn't know that stuff like that happened in real life! I've read about it in books, but they were fiction! After some conversation, he turned to go and said thanks for the cookie, and I told him he was quite welcome. Then I had a huge smile on my face that I had to try to compose before I went anywhere else.

And then later, I got an e-mail back from Al. He said he was 98% sure that Mr. P didn't have a girlfriend, but he could find out for sure if I wanted him to. I wrote back and asked if he could, and if he did, I would let his team win in Call of Duty all next week. Then he wrote back and said "Oh my! Someone has it bad!" Yeah, I guess I do.

And that was my most wonderful day ever! I can't contain myself! I think I need to play some Dance Dance Revolution and burn off some steam. And then maybe I won't be able to sleep, in which case I'll get up and play Medal of Honor until I drop over my keyboard! Oh, I can't wait till Al gets back to me with his results! Maybe he'll drop a couple of hints along the way too!

Well, I'm still smiling, but I have nothing left to write. I think I'll go and find something useful to do.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

The Frog Prince

Do you like my poster? I think I'll hang up a copy of it in my cubicle. It's a nice little reminder, isn't it? As Superchic[k] so nicely reminds us, "all princes start as frogs, and all gentlemen as dogs." Now every time I feel like I'll never meet my "Prince", I can look at this poster and be reminded to be patient. Besides creating a reminder, I also learned some Photoshop tips while working on it. Tip #1, when you take a class to learn Photoshop, make sure that your teacher actually teaches it to you! I was unfortunate enough to not get any Photoshop training in my Photoshop class. Thanks. Now I can learn Photoshop through experiments, frustrations, and helpful co-workers who know it better than I do.

But isn't the Frog Prince cute? He hails from the kingdom of IKEA, but reigns in the dominion of Lizzie's cubicle, which he takes very seriously.

Unless something spectacular happens, this will be my last blog... a 22 year old! Had you scared there didn't I? Next Saturday Lizzie Bennett turns 23! Hooray! Three cheers for Lizzie! On my next post, I will have a picture of an adorable leopard gecko who will be named Algernon, or "Algy" for short. For all of you "Importance of Being Earnest" fans out there, you know who his namesake will be! But I won't say too much, because I don't want to spoil next week's post.

Since I'm turning another year older, I want to list the top 22 occurrences of my 22nd year of life. Here they are:

Top 22 occurrences of Lizzie's 22nd Year
(not in any particular order)
1. Found out Dad had cancer.
2. Grew closer to God, family & friends.
3. Bought a car (Mr. Prix).
4. Discovered she likes Mr. P... a lot.
5. Went on vacation to Sanibel Island and Smokey Mountains and camped several times.
6. Completed first year of work at Tyndale.
7. Had a week's crash course on how to be housewifely.
8. Found out that one day I would have a sister who I dearly love.
9. Lost Stitch (in the literal sense).
10. Got creatively active again.
11. Read Pride & Prejudice, bought and watched the BBC version multiple times, and saw the feature film twice, got the soundtrack to it, and created this blog, which is based off Pride & Prejudice.
12. Has gone clothes shopping with Ma and she likes it!
13. Got a fish to keep her company in her cube (Lord Goring).
14. Went to see the Lord of the Rings Exposition.
15. Didn't go to the doctor or dentist once. SWEET!!!!
16. Went to a couple Sanctus Real and Audio A concerts.
17. Hung out in the 1890s a lot.
18. Climbed a mountain to the very top.
19. Learned to rely on God not only in troubled times.
20. Saw Anonymous 342 graduate COD State and get a real job.
21. Watched Jon and Josh get bigger than her.
22. Acquired a new hairstyle.

I'm sure a lot of those aren't really the top 22, but without reading my journals, I forgot some stuff. Either that or the first half of my 22nd year was dreadfully dull.

Well, until next week's exciting new episode, so long!