Sunday, June 17, 2007

As Promised. . .

Okay, so I promised my cousin I'd update this today. Count that promise fulfilled! Here I am, typing away so that she has something to read inbetween studying tonight. I also said I'd come up with something cool to write about, but I haven't really thought of anything cool. So instead, I'll just post updates about my life. It might be interesting, it could be boring. That will be up to the reader to decide.

Last week I went to one of my many cousin's wedding. It was very nice. I even got off work early to go to it. That was a nice bonus. The wedding was very nice and classy, I had a lot of fun. The next day, I worked my first Saturday at Tyndale. There was this catalog that nneded to get done, and it came to me behind schedule, so I had to burn a little after hours oil to get it up to speed. I rode the Blue Streak to work that day, because on a Saturday, there's not as much traffic.

I burned more after hours oil all week long too. Except for Monday, when I followed Kelly home to pick up a bike for my garage sale. I still got home later that day though. And every day, I came home from work and did garage sale stuff. That was pretty much my week in a nutshell. It felt like it lasted a lot longer than a week though. Friday I took off to man my garage sale post. All of the money I raised I am going to donate for emergency relief in Darfur. It was really interesting on how that fell into my lap. I'm pretty sure it was straight from God. Tuesday afternoon I was staying at work late, so I turned my phone on so that if anyone tried to reach me, I would be there. Well, about five minutes after I turned it on, I got a call from a number I didn't know. I picked it up, and who should it be but World Vision! They were calling to ask for donations to their Darfur emergency relief fund! I told the lady that I had been planning on going home that night and looking for a cause to give my garage sale proceeds to, and then here she is, calling me before I got a chance to! I took it as a message from God telling me that were the money should go. I thought that was really awesome.

So my garage sale was Friday and Saturday, and I raised a little over $400! I was very pleased, and now I get to go deposit it and make the donation. Today I have a chance to breathe after that busy week. Later, I'm going on a motorcycle ride with Dan and maybe my mom and dad.

On top of all that, I found out that my super-good friend, the Lady Fair (a.k.a. Aubrie) is going to Kansas for school in the fall. It was a happy/sad sort of situation: happy for her, sad for me. And then the doctors told my dad that he has a little thing-a-magummy in him that could be cancer or scar tissue. So we have to wait for more tests and results to see what that is, and depending on what it turns out to be, we may or may not be taking our vacation to Colorado in a couple weeks. And suddenly I find myself plagued by headaches and a tingly right arm. Hmmm, I think it's stress.

Boy oh boy, it seems like God is trying to teach me to trust in Him more. It's a lesson that I think I must need right now, otherwise, I wouldn't be getting it. So I'm working on trying to trust that God knows exactly what He's doing and that He is trying to grow me closer to Him. I keep telling myself; God will not leave me out in the cold. The problem is making the head to heart connection. I'll keep working on that.

Well, until next time, this is Lizzie, signing out.

Lizzie's Favorites of the Post:
Lizzie's Favorive Book: A Voice in the Wind by Francine Rivers. It was very compelling.
Lizzie's Favorite Music: The six-hour long Pride and Prejudice soundtrack. Ahh, the memories...
Lizzie's Favorite Movie: Ocean's 13. I saw it last night.
Lizzie's Favorite Hooby: I haven't had time for one! Oh, how my fingers are itching to sew!

Friday, June 01, 2007

Cash Fridays

Happy Friday! I didn't have any new pictures to post, so I put one of the coolest cartoon cats in history on instead: Puss In Boots! He's just such a cute cat. . . But I'm not biased or anything, just because I like cats.

Today was the second official Cash Friday, although it was really the fourth one. An art director at work who's office is right across from my cube has a nice speaker set that hooks up to iPods, I think it's a Bose. Anyway, I got introduced to all the fine points of Johnny Cash through that speaker (when one is in a cubicle, there are no doors to shut). I got hooked on Jonny Cash, and eventually I told Joe that we should have a Cash Friday, where we would listen to Johnny Cash tunes on Fridays. Last week we made it official for the whole department, and about 9:30, 10:00, we plug in an iPod (either his or mine as we have different songs on them) and then we play some Cash music, and people seem to stop by to listen. We've created a hot spot. The girl in the cube next to me enjoys Cash Fridays as much as I do, and the temp who was sharing my cube until today enjoyed them too. However, when I told my cubemate who's coming back from maternity leave next week about Cash Fridays, she said she waould have to make sure that she had her iPod freshly charged and her earphones at the ready. I guess everyone's not a Cash fan, huh? And there's a bonus: every other week is Double Cash Friday — payday!

My motorcycle will be more road ready as soon as I get the new carbs I won off e-Bay installed. That should solve the high idle problem. I'm excited! Gas savings are around the corner for me! And I'll be zipping to and from work on the Blue Streak soon; it's very exciting. Well, I think I'll get going, I've got some things to do still. But as always, my line-up of Lizzie's Favorites!

Lizzie's Favorite Music: Alison Krauss's "A Hundred Miles or More" album. It's so melodic, albeit a bit meloncholy.
Lizzie's Favorite Book: "A Voice in the Wind" by Francine Rivers. I'm not done yet, but I've read it before so I can verify it's goodness.
Lizzie's Favorite Movie: NOT "Pirates of the Caribbean 3!" I give it two enthusiastic thumbs down! To purify my perfect memories of "Pirates of the Caribbean," I have now disavowed both sequels. Only the first one exists in my mind. In fact, I put my copy of the second one in my garage sale pile.

Lizzie's Quote of the Post:
"Buzzzzzz Buzzzzzzzzz Buzzzzzzz crackle crackle Buzzzzzzzzz"
—Cicada in my backyard

Go Cicadas! Bring on the adventure!